[>] Bugfixing release.

    [+] SMTP authorization (Plain, CRAM-MD5).
    [+] POP3 autorization (CRAM-MD5 added).
    [+] New filter creation wizard.
    [+] Activity logs.
    [*] UI saving bug fixed.
    [*] Various small improvements and fixes.

    [+] It is possible to use macroses and other kludges in a filter.
    [+] It is possible to set a condition for a filter.
    [+] If  kludge value is encoded in Base64/QuotedPrintable it will be decoded
        before filter processing.
    [+] Time synchrinization by SMTP.
    [+] Import/Export of settings.
    [+] Context  menu  with most often used kludges and macroses (Right click in
        input fields 'Condition' or 'Kludge value' in a 'Filter settings' dialog).
    [+] XP themes support.
    [*] Graphic elements slightly changed.
    [>] It was not possible to save values on Settings tab.
    [>] Various other bugfixes.

    [+] User  interface  enhancements  (check  new  icons  and dialogues).
        Context menu for adding/editing/deleting list elements added.

    [+] Alias can now be assigned to every server.

    [+] Password Confirmation field in POP3 server settings.

    [+] New  filter  actions.  It is now possible to add/change/delete
        kludges or save/load to/from file.

    [+] Kludges  can be identified by full string or by substring. For
        example,      kludges      like     X-MDSend-Notifications-To,
        X-MDMailing-List  X-MDaemon-Deliver-To  can  now be deleted by
        specifying  "X-MD"  substring.  To  indicate  begin  or end of
        substring standard symbols '^' and '$'.

    [+] Kludge definition can be case sensitive or insensitive.
    [+] It  is possible to process a kludge with more than one filter.
        (By  default,  only  one filter can be applied to the kludge).
        Use checkbox "Continue processing" in kludge settings.

    [+] Filter groups have priority now. Now priority is (from higher
        to lower):
        Leave, Rename, Replace, Special(News), Delete, Add
        It means that every kludge will be processed by filters group
        in order of their priority, so for example filters from
        'Rename' group will be applied to kludge before any filter
        from 'Replace' group. Inside of group priority is not defined
        (and is not guaranteed).

    [+]  Automatic SMTP server selection from list depending on your
         IP address. Check "SMTP autoselect" page.

    [!] Program is divided in 3 parts:
        -  X-Ray  User  Interface (ui.dll). It contains all dialogues
         and is dynamically loaded/unloaded by main executable.
         - X-Ray executable(xray.exe). Loads user interface library and
         starts service part. Installs X-Ray icon in system tray.
         - X-Ray service(xray.srv). Does all filter job. Can be ran
         as System Service on WinNT4/Win2000 or as regular application
         (on any system)

    [+]  On start executable checks if service is running and if not,
         it can be started. On exit executable can stop the service.
         Check 'Start & stop' on 'Settings' page.
    [+]  'Run on system startup' option. Actually this option is
         mutually exclusive with 'Use service' option, i.e. only one
         of these options can be selected at most.

    [+]  'Allow local connections' option to prevent connecting to
         X-Ray ports from other computers.

    [+]  'Statistics' page with data about X-Ray mail activity. 'Copy'
         button on this page allows to copy data in system clipboard.