X-Ray Mail Assistant - FAQ.

Attention! This is a draft version of the program documentation.

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Q. How to remove the headers like "Received"?
A. X-Ray could manipulate headers only before the message was received by first SMTP-server, so if the header was added later (i.e. as every "Received:" header), there is no way to remove it.
But of course you could remove this kludges from incoming mail.

Q. How can I add "reasonable" Message-ID headers with X-Ray?
A. You can add "reasonable" Message-ID headers with X-Ray with this expression:

Q. All correct but header manipulation not work at all.
A. Header manipulation will not work with encryption. It depends on your ISP and Mail-client whether you have this option. If you use Thunderbird for example, take care not to choose Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).